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Design Philosophy           

Our mission is to enhance architecture through outstanding lighting design, to improve the quality of life  of those who experience our designs and to present creative ways to help our clients realize their visions.

Lighting design is  a creative extension of architecture by manipulating illumination to improving visibility and complementing form, shape and color. The medium of light is "invisible" until it strikes an object. It is the creation and implementation of these invisible patterns of light that gives the lighting "artist" an advantage over other design disciplines.

Lighting is a powerful tool - it can be critical in fostering spatial awareness and fundamental to interpreting architectural form. It can make a space more intimate or expand it beyond its boundaries. Light can reinforce feelings of reverence or heighten levels of excitement and festivity. It can establish moods and manipulate attitudes. It is light that reveals the world around us and enhances our experiences within it.

  • People should look and feel good in a spaces we design.
  • The lighting mood  should be consistent with the use, function and design of the space.
  • The design should incorporate the potential for change  -  change in mood, function, season and time of day.
  • The design should be the most effective solution for the cost.
  • The design should  be installed by craftsmen with equipment that is available and dependable.
  • The design should be easy for the client to use and maintain.
  • The design should withstand the test of time.

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