If you want to know to get your IP address in Linux, you can use the ip command. The ip command is available under the /sbin or /bin directory. It can also be used to get the hostname or the domain name of the IP address. To use the ip command, enter the following syntax: ip -br and ip -a. After you have entered the command, press the enter key and the output should be displayed.


The ifconfig command displays information on all interfaces on the system, including IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The output of ifconfig will show the loopback address, IPv4 address, and IPv6 addresses assigned to each interface. Qfe0 is assigned two IP addresses, one IPv4 and one IPv6. The second address appears on the qfe0:1 line. The IP address assigned to qfe0 is the link-local IPv6 address.

The ifconfig command is a system administration tool for network interfaces. To use it, you must have a superuser account. Type ifconfig to get a list of network interfaces. Look for a section that says “inet addr” to view the IP address of a network interface. Once you’ve found this section, you’ll be able to use it to search for an IP address.


If you’re wondering how to get your IP address on Linux, this article will show you how. It works on most Linux distributions, as well as BSD systems. It may even work on Mac OS, too. You can get an IP address with the “ip” command, which is available in the /bin directory. Here are some more tips to get your IP address:

First, you need to connect your Linux system to the internet. There are several methods for getting an IP address on Linux, including using a command called curl to get the public IP address of a Linux system. The second method uses HTTP requests to obtain the IP address of a Linux server. While both private and public IP addresses will be the same, there are some differences. If you’re looking for a public IP address, you’ll need to connect your Linux system to the internet.

ifconfig -br

There are various ways to determine the IP address of a local system on Linux. The two most common ways to do so are through the use of the CLI and the Terminal. In this article, we’ll look at the most commonly used CLI commands for getting your IP address. The ip command is located under the /bin or /sbin directory. To use it, you must have access to root.

First, type ifconfig -br to find your IP address in Linux. This command displays the public and private IP addresses of your system. When the IP address of your local computer is, you’re connected to the internet. If you’re looking for an IP address that isn’t available in the system’s DNS database, you can use the hostname method. If you’re looking for a specific IP address, such as the one assigned to your machine, you can also try the ip addr show command to get the address of the host.

ifconfig -a

To get your Linux IP address, you can use a command known as ifconfig. This utility comes with both Windows and Linux Ubuntu. It’s easy to use and shows you what network cards are running on your system. In addition, this utility displays the IP address of each network interface. You can use this information to troubleshoot a problem and fix it faster. Here’s how.

ifconfig -p

The ifconfig command returns the IP address of the local system. It allows you to query the ifconfig file for all network devices or individual interfaces. You can use this command to manipulate networking information, but you must have root privileges to access the file. Alternatively, you can use ip to get the IP address of a network device. But before you can use the ifconfig command, you must know some basic commands.

ifconfig is a shared system administration tool that helps configure network interfaces. Make sure to use the superuser account. Once you have the necessary privileges, run ifconfig to see your interfaces. Look for the ‘inet addr:’ section for the interface that you want to get an IP address for. If it’s the same as the address of another system in your network, try disabling the ARP protocol on that interface. You can find more information about Check My IP Address Windows, Mac and Linux

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